Leadership, Managerial, & Supervisory 
  • Transformational Leadership Tools and Techniques

  • Applying EQ in Workplace for Better Work Relationship

  • Applying Strategic Negotiations Skills to Avoid Workplace Conflicts

  • Influencing and Communication Skills using NLP Tools

  • Quantitative Research – Do it Yourself  

  • Creative Thinking Tools and Techniques for Performance Shift

  • “How Win Friends and Influence People” to Promote Positive Work Culture – Using Dale Carnegie’s Best Sellers Methods

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Tools  

  • Working with SPSS to analyze data

  • Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) Tools for Teamwork and Harmony 

  • Seven Habits of Effective People and Leaders  

  • Effective Time Management Applications in the Workplace

  • Purchasing and Negotiations Skills with Results using NLP Technologies

  • Conflict Management Tools and Practices  

  • HR for Non-HR Practitioners

  • Managing People to Drive Results

  • Influencing and Persuasive Methods – Psychology Approach

  • Negotiate to Persuade with Results

  • Project Management Tools and Techniques for Managers

  • Lean Management and Thinking

  • Thinking Out of the Box

  • Critical and Lateral Thinking Skills  

  • Leadership for 21st Century  

  • Become a Technology Savvy Manager to Manage Time

  • Effective Time Management Tools  

  • Motivating Employees to Achieve Results

  • On-the-Job Training Guide

  • Succession Planning Methods using 9-Grid Model

  • Managerial Skills Using NLP Tools  

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