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Customer Service Excellence
  • Market Segmentations and Win Back Strategies  

  • Customer Service Excellence for Front Line Staff

  • Advanced Customer Communications using NLP Strategic

  • Negotiation and Persuasion Skills for Purchasing Executives

  • Strategic Negotiation and Persuasion Skills for Executives and Managers

  • New Business Development and Prospecting Strategies for Hotels

  • Improve Customer Service Excellence through Customer Survey

  • Events Management and Strategies using Project Portfolios  

  • Teamwork and Successful Communications for Hotel Staff

  • Expert Inquiry Handling Techniques using Embedded Commands using Language Profile  

  • Learn to Serve Strategies for House Keeping Staff

  • Learn to Serve Strategies for Restaurant Staff

  • Power Tools to Handle and Manage Difficult Situations and Difficult Customers

  • The STAR (Sales Training for Agents in Reservation) Workshop Telephone Selling Skills Effective

  • Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving Tools for Hotel  Customer

  • Prospecting and Retention Strategies that Produce Measurable Results for the Hotel Effective

  • Complaint Prevention and Management System

  • How to Device Marketing Strategies through Internet Database

  • Market Research: Do it Yourself for Hotels Service Excellence via Communication Psychology 

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