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Praxis Skills Training and Consultancy is reputable training provider with international recognition. Our mission is to be "world class in everything we do", and we want to be held accountable to this standard. We are striving to build a team of world-class people, who deliver world class training solutions and backed up at all times by world class customer service and key account managers. Praxis was founded in Penang in 2006 and grew rapidly over the following years. Today, our head office is in Penang, at Sunway premium business park and a branch in Selangor.


Praxis has recently signed MOU with Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) which issue the certification for the Professional Certificate in Supervisory Skills and Professional Certificate in Industrial Relations Management.


Each of these programs consists of a minimum of five modules. The students must complete all the modules to entitle for the certificates. In addition to that, Praxis works closely with the internationally certified trainers whereby they bring the international certificate recognitions from the following bodies:-

  • American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP, USA)

  • International Association of Counselors and Therapies (IACT,USA)

  • Time Line Therapy Associations (TLT,USA) 


Praxis is nationally recognized for superior training programs delivered by an enviable team of qualified, expert and highly experienced trainers. Passionate, dedicated with a commitment to delivering real business benefits. Praxis provides organizations and individuals with a complete and comprehensive suite of training offerings and modalities including instructor-led, e-learning and blended learning solutions. At the time of writing, we have more than 32 trainers with different expertise that conduct training in Malaysia. 

Why us?

Company Profile


Training Methodology

We believe every company and individual have their own unique challenges and business objectives. Training and consultancy designed should tailor to each of the company training needs and requirements. 

We love to listen from our clients to understand fully what are their challenges and business goals. Based on common goals, we will work together to design and discuss the training contents and ensure it met our clients' specific training needs.

We believe only by this approach, our clients can benefits most from the training. Increase their work productivity and efficiency.

All the training from Praxis is designed with practical and solution based workshop, which means the training is designed based on trainer's years of experiences and non-theoretical based. The participant will have a clear action plan to implement what they have learned through the workshop. 


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