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Human Resource Management
  • Applying Performance Management Techniques in Workplace

  • Employment Act 1955 and Industrial Relations 1967

  • Sexual Harassment in Workplace

  • Managing Discipline and Misconducts and Domestic Inquiry  

  • Managing Discipline and Misconduct for Non-HR Practitioners

  • HR for Non-HR Professionals

  • Managing Absenteeism at Workplace  

  • Behavioral Interviewing Tools and Methods

  • Collective Bargaining Procedures and Negotiation Techniques  

  • Effective Recruitment and Selection Techniques

  • KPI and KRA Development Procedures  

  • Managing Foreign Workers Effectively  

  • Effective Management of KPI Payroll System Compliance with EA Act (1955) and IR (1967)

  • Organizational Structure and Design to Maximize Efficiency

  • Talent Management to Ensure Improved Performance

  • Managing Difficult People and Conflict Resolution

  • Training Needs Analysis Methods and Tools

  • Recruitment and Interviewing Skills to Fulfil Inter-Departmental Objectives

  • Critical HRM Skills for Superiors

  • Effective Human Resource Documentation

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Conflict Management Skills

  • Stress Management Skills and Applications

  • Human Resources Management for Foreign Workers

  • Terminating Without Violating the Law

  • Effective Counselling Skills for HR Professionals

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